Anthracite Carbon
A Modern Raw Material


Anthracite is a remarkable raw material that is used in many industries where carbon is needed for processing and manufacturing.

Steel mills use versatile Anthracite as a carbon additive in recarburization, for slag foaming, and as a ladle addition. As a reducing agent, Anthracite is coupled with ferrous and non-ferrous ores, and ferro alloys. Mini-mills find that Anthracite provides an economical source of charge carbon.

As a raw material, Anthracite fits into high carbon applications such as pot liners for aluminum smelting, and the production of electrodes and carbon black.

Process carbon from Anthracite is a key ingredient in the manufacture of many diverse products including bricks, carbide, graphite, silicon carbide, wire and glass.

Fine coal particles made up of 100 percent Anthracite are used by public water systems all across the United States to make clear, sparkling and safe drinking water for delivery into homes, schools, businesses and hospitals. Through our testing and analysis capabilities, Centralia Coal Sales Company insures that Anthracite used for water filtration is clean, uniform and sized correctly.

Even the backyard barbecue would not be the same without Anthracite. Long burning Anthracite supplied by Centralia Coal Sales Company, mixed with wood and wood by-products, gives some of America's most popular charcoal briquettes the ability to stay hotter longer.

Wherever carbon is needed in processing and manufacturing, Centralia Coal Sales Company is right there, insuring quality, delivery and customer satisfaction.